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Gagarinskiy Park 

  • Competition

  • Location: Simferopol, Russia

  • 2020


Inspiration for this proposal came from the park itself. Located in the southern Russian city it plays the role of a wild refreshing oasis in the intense urban environment. The existing masterplan of Gagarinskiy Park supports this idea of self-sufficient natural beauty. We decided just to bring several delicate and tactful additions that meet the needs of modern society.

Attitude to nature

We wanted to preserve and cherish the existing natural conditions. Some local interventions include the trails and bike paths along the Salhir river and the wooden waterfront around the main pond. The architecture just means to be a guide for the visitors in their journey into nature.


However it was decided to stick to the former master plan, we propose to rebuild some paths and make them unpaved. The existing condition with the asphalt-paved alleys and paths is highly undesirable for the southern park not only from the esthetic point of view but also from the ecological.

Design approach

The design of all proposed pavilions, entry points, benches, swings based on a simple and recognizable sign - the tree branch. That is why the architecture with its smooth natural shapes immerses itself into the environment so perfectly.

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